Studio Location:

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Accessible via the Q, B, 2, & 5 trains



Rachel Kohn is an artist living and working in New York City.  She was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1981, has resided in Westchester, Saratoga Springs, Manhattan, and currently in Brooklyn.  She received her MFA from Hunter College, and her BA in Art and Mathematics from Skidmore College.  She teaches at The College of New Rochelle in the Graduate School Division of Professional & Fine Arts, and also teaches at Brooklyn Art Space as an instructor.  She has exhibited her work widely in solo and group exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, and London.  


Kohn's paintings investigate a shifting of energy, finding light from darkness, control from chaos, balance from the unbalanced, and beauty from the grotesque.  These cavernous spaces explore patterns of growth within the natural world and are influenced by fragility, deterioration, devastation, and renewal.  Although Kohn's work focuses on nature, there are many references to human fragility and cycles of life and death.  These cycles are a natural process, and her work attempts to find beauty in these harrowing experiences.  

Kohn's work is very physical, combining elements of painting and sculpture.  She uses plaster, aquaresin, foam, wax, acrylic and oil paint.  Her process involves painting, carving, caressing, and melting these materials into a complex and deeply layered landscape.  The layered history is integral to each piece, revealing and concealing what lies beneath. 

Kohn is also very interested in the relationship with "framing" work.  She uses frames not only as a decorative vehicle to display the work, but also as a place for the work to grow from.  The Linear Landscape series is sculpted directly into the frames, seemingly growing from the inside edges.  In the Picture Perfect series, she hand paints ornate oval frames with molding paste as a base for the landscape to grow out from.